Day 1 – Family & such…

Nothing screams “welcome home” louder, bolder, better than a bright blue sky, and sunny perfect weather.  That means I was able to wear a light blouse & jeans – and I neither felt a chill with any breeze, nor did i get sweaty under the sun.  Must have been about 78 (that would be somewhere in the 25 range if you’re counting in celsius).

Being the SoCal girl that I am (read: weather wimp) – my range of acceptable weather is 68-88 degrees… and no humidity.  Apparently, Los Angeles hasn’t been doing all too well since that last photo I posted last week – and was only in the mid-50’s today.

I had the obligatory rendez-vous with family at a sidewalk cafe called Moroni on the Calle Doctor Fleming. My coffee of choice? The Americano, naturally.

Connectivity issues have been resolved.

Jet lag is being conquered.

The contents of my suitcases, which had been unceremoniously belched all over my room have been put away neatly.

I’m ready to hit the town, and start scratching that wanderlust itch that plucked me from my comfort zone of my Los Angeles bubble.

Photos to come soon! I promise.  At the moment – I’m just trying to get adjusted.


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On the Move

Uprooting… Many have done this before me… Take my parents for instance.   They have each lived in 4 different countries – some of their moves have been by choice. But not all.

I’ve been lucky.  I’ve lived in Los Angeles all my life – and while it does have its drawbacks, I truly love this city.  From its mild and mostly pleasant weather, to the vast array of activities, food/restaurant choices, places to go, things to do…

And now for something completely different.

Destination:  Barcelona.  Why? I decided to let go.  Let go of my possessions that possessed me (i really loved my Heywood Wakefield dining room set, my kooky quirky goose shaped lamp, my sea foam green Kitchen Aid stand mixer).  They’ve all been placed in good homes to hopefully bring happiness to those who now own them.  This process has been difficult but liberating at the same time.

I’m free to roam.  Move about the world at my leisure.  Work? I’m resourceful.  I’ll figure something out. Friends? well, there’s Skype, Facebook and the rest – but I’m a social friendly girl – I get into conversations easily… I’ll make new ones.

Am I scared?  Most definitely.  Excited? Hell yeah!

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